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Fearless Cleaning Services uses the Best Products for your Home

Fearless Cleaning Services only uses the best quality products for you and your home.The best products ensure a clean, safe environment is maintained for you, and your family. By using our cleaning services, Fearless Cleaning Services can provide you and your loved ones with a clean that you deserve, a clean that you can be proud of for you, your family, and your guests. 

House cleaning services you can see and feel

At Fearless Cleaning Services we understand that your home isn't just a house... it's where you live, it's where the heart is. Your home is where you spend most of your time, and where you do most of your Living, Fearless Cleaning Services treats every home with the respect that you deserve. Our cleaning standards are the highest in the industry, our Fearless Guarantee insures that if you're not happy with your service, we are here to make sure that you are.

Our Worry-Free Guarantee

Trust in your Cleaning Service, is one of our most valued assets at Fearless Cleaning Services, and when you use our services, you can trust that you will be happy with your cleaning service, or let us know within 24 hours and we will come back and make it right. Our Customers happiness with our service is of top concern, and when you use our services, we'll make sure that you are happy with our services. This is our Fearless Cleaning Services, Fearless Guarantee; if you're not satisfied with our services we will do it again, until you're satisfied with our service.

Home & Office  Custom Cleanings Service

We provide excellent Office Cleaning Services for your commercial business, and during these times with more Home Offices being needed, we offer custom office cleanings to help refresh your workplace, and provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve.



Know our services and choose the best one for you


Residential Cleaning is our specialty. Our Residential Cleaning Services are unmatched in the industry. Fearless Cleaning Services provides a top to bottom, full cleaning service experience. Our Fearless Teams are dedicated professionals that make providing you with the best service possible their personal responsibility. This combined with our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products, allows us to do this, while helping to keep harmful chemicals from you, your loved ones, and the World.

Would you like to have a clean feel for your home on a regular basis? Fearless Cleaning Services provides customers with ongoing cleaning services for your Home, Living Space or Office. Call Fearless Cleaning Services to Book an Estimate and we will customize your cleaning service to your needs, and your frequency. Would you like Fearless Cleaning Services to help you with your home on a Weekly, Alternate Weekly or Monthly basis, let us know... we're here to help.


Looking to get a fresh start? Use Fearless Cleaning Services Deep Cleaning Service and your home will be as fresh as the day you first moved in. We'll get under couches, clean floor boards and take care of those dirty little details that go unchecked during a regular clean. Use our Deep Cleaning option for your home, and feel free of the pressure of having to do it yourself.


Fearless Cleaning Services fearlessly Cleans Professional Offices as well! We are expert cleaners in multiple fields. Fearless Cleaning Services will vigorously clean your work space, so that you and your fellow co-workers can enjoy the feeling of a fresh Eco-Friendly Cleaning, and your team can focus on the task at hand without having to worry about the cleanliness of the environment they're working in.


Throwing a party, having guest over your home for a special occasion? Need to have your home spotless, do you need to make a good impression? Call Fearless Cleaning Services and let us help you. With our professional cleaning services, we'll provide you with a cleaning that you can trust, and you can always count on us to have your living space ready for your special occasion.


Are you Moving in? Are you Moving out? Sometimes you just need that extra touch when you´re trying to get your deposit back from your landlord, or maybe you would like your new home, to have that new home feel? Fearless Cleaning Services can help you make your home look and feel like new. We're not re-modelers, but we are cleaning experts. We'll get your home in tip top shape in time for your big day.

What is buffing? Buffing is like a deep clean for your floor. It “exfoliates” the top layer of the floor to reveal its original glossy beauty and shine. With the right tools, you can buff most floor types, like vinyl, concrete, wood, tile, and laminate. There are two types of buffing: spray and dry. Fearless Cleaning Services specializes in doing the absolute best to bring out the natural shine of your floors, so that you can enjoy your floors without having to make the significant investment needed to replace your floors.


Meet our 
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Your lobby is one of the most important spaces in your property!, this is the space that creates important first impressions. When visitors, customers or clients walk through the door, you want them to feel comfortable and welcome. The area must stay neat and clean around the clock. This will help make their decisions whether to work with you, or not.

• Exteriors and Entryways
• Elevators and Stairways
• Lobby Floors
• General Daily Duties
• Entryways
• Lobby Windows
• Walls and Doors
• Lobby Floors
• Lobby Furniture and Fixtures
• Lobby Restrooms
• Walls and Baseboards
• Overhead Fixtures and Trim

Inspect vinyl flooring. Hardwood floors and carpets for soiled areas. High-traffic corridors. from the entryway through the lobby often need extra cleaning.

Restroom cleaning should include wiping down and sanitizing walls, stall doors and partitions. Clean undersides of sinks and urinals as well as hard-to-reach areas behind and adjacent to toilets.

Some larger projects only need to be done once or twice a year.

• Lobby-wide furniture upholstery cleaning
• Hard floor stripping, polishing and buffing
• Deep steam carpet cleaning and stain removal

We're ready to assist with a full line of affordable services, flexible packages and the best customer service in Chicago.

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Our Worry Free Guarantee

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Fearlessly Serving Chicago & the Surrounding Suburbs

Fearless Cleaning

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